Southampton Southern Rivals (Day 1)

Posted: 21 October 2021 in evolution.

The competition commenced on the first weekend of October. For many of our athletes it was their first comp and only 1 other and the two coaches had been involved in any competition like this before. We had 4 teams of 4 and entered 2 teams in the scaled and 2 in the RX category.


In each category our teams battled it out over 4 events from over 50 other teams from local CrossFit and Independent facilities. Our first day of competition saw our two scaled teams compete with the first event outside in an open field. This was very much a team conditioning event that included running and bodyweight movements. The crowd were in force and showing support that included many of the Evo community, joining in the motivating cheers. Both teams performed well and finished in the top 10.

Through a physically draining 2nd and 3rd event both teams had performed competitively with it all to play for going into the last event that included The Bike Erg and a Barbell. Teams had to choose a complex or easy to achieve exercise to score points within each rep. Both teams agreed that this was the challenging and most enjoyable event with one of our teams finishing 1st in the workout.

After all events were concluded we were very fortunate to have a team on the podium finishing in 2nd place. 50% of the team had never entered a competition before and showed how their training and consistency has led to this accolade. The 2nd team finished in a very respectful 11th place after achieving 3rd place in event 2.

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