My Evolution

Posted: 23 September 2021 in evolution, uncategorised.

I joined EVO just after lockdown 1.0 in October of 2020. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2014 I was put on a regime of brutal treatment, the side effects have weakened my bones leaving me in constant pain.

I have to take regular medication that makes my joints stiff and swollen, at 50 I was walking like a 90 year old. My consultant suggested exercise, specifically weight training, might help.

I had tried the gym but, although motivated, didn’t push myself, I didn’t know how to. At EVO the encouragement is incredible, not just by the coaches but from the other athletes as well. There’s always a coach on hand to ensure you’re lifting correctly and are not in any danger of injuring yourself.

My nemesis lift is the overhead squat, when I first tried I couldn’t squat properly with just my arms above my head, I can now OHS with a 15 kg barbell, I may only be able to do 3 at a time but the improvement in my flexibility has been drastic.

Less than a year ago I couldn’t walk down the stairs without pain, I’m not quite running down like a teenager but I no longer feel the pain I used to.

I really have become the best version of myself.


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