Fuel your workouts

Why have Nutrition Guidance?

Knowing the values of food is important. Understanding your body’s requirements is essential. Do not leave it up to chance to achieve your goal, have some accountability within your objective and together we can achieve.

Most people when asked what is a calorie, will fall silent in what they believe is a simple question. Educating yourself with food is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle that will contribute to results and long-term happiness. See food as fuel and you will create the mindset to change.

What to Expect




Tailored Plan


Continual Analysis


Meeting: In this 10min appointment We would like to obtain some basic information and ultimately benchmark where you are now so we can create a timeline of results. Areas included in conversation will be.

  • Body Composition
  • Nutrition Habits
  • Goals and Objectives
Somatotype Questionnaire: This is crucial in understanding what “Macronutrients” are better suited to you so that we can give you the correct breakdown on your Nutrition values.
Ingredients: We will need to agree with the foods that we have at our disposal so that Meal choices can be created that are sustainable and achievable. You will receive a variation of meal choices within your plan.
Regular Communication: It is imperative that we stay in touch throughout the week to maintain consistency of the programme, if you have any questions day or night please do not hesitate to ask.
Nutrition Plan