Open Day

Posted: 23 July 2021 in crossfit, evolution, nutrition.

Now that restrictions are coming to an end, we can finally plan our invitation day that will welcome future members to our facility. Alongside we hope to host our first in-house competition.

We will be looking for member recommendations on what you would like to see on the day, maybe….

We have been considering a few options:

  • crossfit comp (making Evo the new home of the Sussex Games)
  • Max effort challenges (most cals in one min on a AAB) don’t underestimate this animal you will hurt for a lot longer than the 60 seconds.
  • Food (TBC)
  • Maybe a few drinks, everything in moderation as all our athletes know well.
  • Tours for new members
  • Short induction class

As you can see lots of idea in the pot from our lovely members anything you fancy and don’t see on the list please fell free to drop us a message here.

Sam & Liam

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