Polar Club

Posted: 23 July 2021 in crossfit, evolution, nutrition.

Polar Club: Will return very soon. It will again provide us with the heart rate analysis and monitoring of effort levels, that makes our metabolic conditioning sessions so unique.

Here is a little about how it all works:

Eliminate the guesswork in your training

Train with live heart rate and create a group fitness experience that will help you come back for more.

A window to your effort in real time

With Polar Club, you can track and display your class’s effort in real time and coach them to reach their goals with performance data, such as heart rate, colour-coded heart rate zones and calories burned.

Take your training to the next level

With Polar Club you can create structured effort based on heart rate zones, with accurate live heart rate and your journey as a group and as individuals, so you’ll know exactly how hard you are working out.

Stay engaged

Stay engaged and motivated with visually engaging rewards, such as zone time or calorie trophies, stay accountable and reach your goals through personalised feedback.

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